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"More than any other part of France or Europe for that matter, the Périgord offers something to amaze and delight everyone."

This ancient land deep in the heart of sunny south west France is perfect holiday country, a magic place that will reward all those who choose to explore it.

Under English rule in the Middle ages the Périgord, the French name for the Dordogne since Medieval times, was the cradle of the Hundred Years' War and legacies of this era are everywhere. Vast fortified churches, over 1000 castles & châteaux and the 'Bastides', the fortified towns built on the French and English front lines, the best of these being Domme and Monpazier.

More recently the Périgord has become famous as being one of the principal centres of pre-history. Early man has left the region with some of Europe's earliest art treasures, the 20,000-year-old cave paintings of Lascaux near Montignac, the Font de Gaume near Les Eyzies and many others. Spectacular caverns such as the 'Gouffre de Proumeyssac' and the 'Grotte du Grand Roc' contain stunning natural rock formations formed over millions of years in a seemingly infinite variety.

The traditional rural architecture has created charming honey coloured villages in a landscape so pretty and varied as to offer a feast for the eye. Ancient doorways and archways abound, guarding their secrets, and the countryside is dotted with dove-cots & drystone huts crowned with the famous rooves of the Périgord. And who could pass by the local cuisine. Rich 'paté de Foie Gras', the famous 'Confit' of duck or goose and the 'black diamonds' or truffles of the Périgord being amongst the most famous.

For the more active, Leisure and Sports facilities are abundant. For swimmers the rivers offer safe and clean beaches and most towns and large villages have swimming pools or man made lakes. Great fun can be had paddling a canoe along one of the rivers - and it doesn't have to be too energetic... you are driven upstream to designated starting points by the canoe company and then if you wish can take your time to meander back downstream to your car - possibly stopping for a picnic on one of the many pebble beaches.  Riding, Walking and Cycle trails wind through the woodlands and forests and there are golf courses in all parts of the region.

This year we have a selection of over 50 Dordogne properties all of which have been personally chosen by us. Our offices are situated in the lively market town of Le Bugue which straddles the river Vézère, just 7kms from its confluence with the river Dordogne, and are open throughout the year, including 6 days a week during the rental season.

The vast majority of our houses are located within an area bounded by four famous towns, Sarlat, a medieval treasure house; Périgueux, a thriving and sophisticated small city; Bergerac, shippers of wine since the Middle Ages and Monpazier, the extraordinarily well preserved bastide built by the English King Edward 1 in 1285. Le Bugue is in the middle and this proximity to our properties is one of Simply Périgord's major strengths. We are able to monitor the standard of our houses regularly throughout the season, indeed many of them are fully maintained by ourselves, and we are on the spot to deal quickly and efficiently with any unforeseen difficulties that may arise from time to time, despite all our efforts.

So why not come and join us for your next holiday . You will be sure of a warm welcome both from us and the Périgord.

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